Your Kingdom Come... (Spring 2021) 

1 Matthew and the Kingdom? The Bridge! Handout
2 What Led Up To This? Handout
3 Genealogy? WHY?? Handout
4 God the Son’s Birth Handout
5 Where is He Who is Born King of the Jews? Handout
6 A Voice Crying in the Wilderness Handout
7 Then Jesus Came…. Handout
8 Jesus’ Temptation…Proof That He Is The Son Of God Handout
9 Jesus’ Triumphal Entry/”Lamb Selection Day” Handout
10 Passover Seder Presentation
11 He Felt the Nails! Handout
11 Pt.2 He Is Not Here! HE IS RISEN! Handout

  Your Kingdom Come... (Fall 2021) 

1 The Story Continues Handout Audio
2 “For thus it is written… that it might be fulfilled” Handout Audio
3 “After This...” Handout Audio
4 Galilee of the Gentiles Handout Audio
5 Discipleship in Jesus’ Day Handout Audio
6 Messianic Miracles Handout Audio
7 The Proclamation of the King-The Sermon on the Mount Handout Audio
8 The Sermon On The Mount – Further Proclamations from the King Handout Audio
10 The Incarnation of Jesus from the Hebrew Scripture Handout Audio

  Your Kingdom Come... (Winter/Spring 2022) 

1 Sitting At Jesus' Feet Handout Audio
2 The True Way-The False Way Handout Audio
3 The Authority of the King in the Natural Realm Handout Audio
4 The Authority of the King in the Natural Realm (cont’d) Handout Audio
5 Who Is This Jesus? Handout Audio
6 Transformed! Handout Audio
7 The War of Gog and Magog Handout Audio
9 "Blessed is he who is not offended in Me" Handout Audio
10 The Rejection of Jesus, The Messiah/King, by the Nation of Israel Handout Audio
11 Between the Advents. Our Present Day! Handout Audio

  Olivet Discourse (Fall 2022)  

1 Set My Heart To Understand Handout Audio Download
2 The Foundation of End Times Prophecy Handout Audio Download
3 Israel: The Epicenter of the World! Handout Audio Download
4 "When Will These Things bB? What Will Be the Sign of Your Coming, and of the End of the Age?" Handout Audio Download
5 WHY the Tribulation? Handout Audio Download
6 Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Handout Audio Download
7 "Then They Shall Know That I Am the Lord" Handout Audio Download
8 The Tribulation & Jesus' Physical Second Coming Handout Audio Download
9 The End or...The Beginning? Handout Audio Download
10 Joy to the World! Handout Audio Download

  The Last Week Of Jesus' Life On Earth (Winter 2023)  

1 WHY THIS WAY? Handout Audio Download
2 The Story of Redemption: The Lamb of God Handout Audio Download
3 Appointed Times Handout Audio Download
4 His Hour Had Not Yet Come Handout Audio Download
5 Jesus' Triumphal Entry/"Lamb Selection Day" Handout Audio Download
6 He MUST! Handout Audio Download
7 I Go to Prepare a Place for You Handout Audio Download
8 Jesus Felt the Nails! Handout Audio Download
9 "Jesus died for our sins and was buried according to the Scriptures" Handout Audio Download
10 "Divine Explosion! Handout Audio Download

.ואהבתּ, את יהוה אלהיך, בּכל-לבבך, ובכל-נפשׁך, ובכל-מאדך