Revelation Part One  

Book of Revelation Glossary Handout
1 Face-To-Face With Jesus Handout Audio
2 The Alpha and the Omega Handout Audio
3 Basic Flow of The Chronology of End Times Part 1 Handout Audio
3 Basic Flow of The Chronology of End Times Part 2 Handout Audio
4 Vision of the Son of Man Handout Audio
5 How Can I Understand the Book of Revelation? Handout Audio
6 Are We Living in the End Times? Handout Audio
7 The Things Which Are: The 7 Churches - Ephesus & Smyrna Handout Audio
8 The Things Which Are: The 7 Churches - Pergamos, Thyatira, & SardisHandoutAudio
9 The Things Which Are: The 7 Churches - Philadelphia Handout Audio
10 The Things Which Are: The 7 Churches - Laodicea Handout Audio
11 Revelation 4: The Throne Room of God Handout Audio

  Revelation Part Two  

1Thus Far and Moving ForwardHandoutAudio
2 The Lamb Takes the Scroll Handout Audio
3 When He Had Taken the Scroll Handout Audio
4 The Rapture: Comfort One Another With These Words Handout Audio
5 The Results of the Rapture Handout Audio
6 What Happens After Death? Handout Audio
7 Arab-Israeli War/War of Gog & Magog Handout Audio
8 The Seals are Loosed; The Rider on the White Horse Handout Audio
9 The Remaining Seals are Loosed Handout Audio
10 An Interlude: The 144,000 and the Great Multitude Handout Audio
11 Revelation 8: Silence; And Then . . . . Handout Audio

  Revelation Part Three  

1Say That Again...Say More!HandoutAudio
2 Where Have We Been? Handout Audio
3 Woe, Woe.... Handout Audio
4 Little Scroll; Measuring the Temple & NOT Outer Court Handout Audio
5 Dr. Charles Dyer - The ISIS Crisis (no handout) Audio
6 The Miracle of Israel (no audio) Handout
7 Revelation 11:3~19 - Intermission Continued - The 2 WitnessesHandoutAudio
8 Revelation 12 - Satanic Warfare Handout Audio
9 Revelation 13 - The Beasts and the Mark Handout Audio
10 Revelation 14 & 15 - Triumph! Handout Audio

  Revelation Part Four  

1What Led Up to This?HandoutAudio
2 The Millennial Kingdom Handout Audio
3 A Further Look at the Judgement Seat of Christ Handout Audio
4 The Marriage and Supper of the Lamb Handout Audio
5 The Bowl Judgments Handout Audio

.ואהבתּ, את יהוה אלהיך, בּכל-לבבך, ובכל-נפשׁך, ובכל-מאדך